Privacy Policy

We stick to the data protection act 1998 and safeguard any info you may supply to us.

Some tidbits are below:
We will track you whilst you are on out site using cookies, this is simply so we can improve our services and has no malicious intent whatsoever, all records are ofcourse kept 100% private!
If you do sign up to our website, apart from being very happy we will send you an email to highlight our best deals as and when we think necessary, you can end this at any time by clicking
unsubscribe at the end of any of our emails. We will never share any of the opt in data, unless we have clearly stated.

We will never spam you, pinky promise!

Feel we are breaking some sort of privacy right? Contact us and we can help sort any issues out!

More info on privacy, check these out:

The Interactive Direct Marketing Association:
The Information Commissioner:
Citizens Information:
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