Meet Us

Our site is here for the dedicated sole purpose of providing great money saving discounts for people like you, looking to keep the costs low when shopping online. Whether you are looking for the latest fashion brands, groceries to stock your presses or cheap flights for your next holiday… we think you should pay as little as you need to!

We were tired of paying above and beyond for prices and so we figured we would flex our frugal muscles and help the general Irish public in getting involved on some money saving action!

We are hoping to extend this site beyond a simple discount site, but hold tight… we’ll get there and we’d love you to join us in helping you and everyone else save money on their online shopping.

Maire – Looks after all the content and copy for the site. So if there is anything you need, suggestions, or you just want to say hi… then fire an email over and she will do her best to help.

Eoin – Marketing wizard who also tinkers away on the website to help make it technically sound. So when you need a discount, you can find one!